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COVID-19 - Coronavirus Status & Advice

(updated 2020-05-17)

Closure Status

FULL CLOSURE IN FORCE: Trinity Court is currently closed to ALL children.

We hope to be able to begin a phased re-opening from 1 June 2020 provided the UK Government advises it is safe to do so.

Further details of our planned re-opening will be made available on Friday 22 May 2020.

In the meantime, please let us know by email if:

  • You have URGENT need of childcare
  • ALL main carers (parents) are CRITICAL WORKERS
  • There is NO PROSPECT WHATSOEVER of your child being cared for safely at home

Provided we have staff resources available we will do all we can to provide emergency childcare.

A description of who Critical Workers are can be found on the Government's list of Critical Workers (external site).

Ongoing Review

The next review of our COVID-19 status is planned for Friday 22 May 2020.

Reported Cases at Trinity Court

At present there have been no cases of COVID-19 reported/suspected at Trinity Court.

  • The number of known cases amongst our children is 0
  • The number of known cases amongst our staff is 0

Action Required

Please remember if you show symptoms of COVID-19 you must remain at home for at least 7 days. If any member of your household shows sypmtoms of COVID-19 it is essential that you all remain at home and isolate yourselves from others for at least 14 days. Symptoms include:

  • a fever (a temperature of 37.8 °C or above)
  • a new, persistent cough

Status Updates

We will update our COVID-19 status pages frequently.

Further Information

Below are links to information about COVID-19.

Classifying our COVID-19 Status

For quick reference, we have graded our COVID-19 status into four colour bands. These are:


No cases have been reported to us and we are unaware of any suspected cases. Trinity Court is operating as usual.


Cases (or suspected cases) have been reported to us or we have been advised to alter our operating procedures in response to the threat of infection. We are operating a full service at Trinity Court although, if members of staff are affected, some disruption may be noticeable. Please visit our web pages regularly to check on status re-grades.


Our service is disrupted significantly. This may be because we have cases reported or because we are responding to Government advice. Our staffing may be severely depleted. Members of staff may be wearing aprons, gloves or masks to limit the spread of infection. Disinfection of surfaces will be occurring regularly. School runs will be running late (if at all). Cooked lunches will probably be unavailable. We are soldiering on but you will not find us at our best! Please visit our web pages regularly to check for status re-grades.


Trinity Court is CLOSED to ALL children. This is a last resort. We have been advised to close by Public Health England or we have insufficient staff to operate safely. We will re-open as soon as practicable although this may be with a reduced service. Please visit our web pages regularly to check on status re-grades.

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