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Autumn 2003

Oh dear... as another year perches precariously close to the precipice of time, one gets the impression that the mighty newsletter machine has been struggling to keep up.

Spring saw the editor inadvertently overlook a publication for the first time since taking up office in 1999. Unfortunately (for readers and writers alike) his offer of sacrificial resignation was dismissed without consideration.

Following the release of "Newsletter, Summer 2003", July saw an apologetic team publish the eagerly awaited supplementary edition "Summer 2003 II, Day of Reckoning". In this modern age of deadlines and frantic pace, it was decided that the newsletter would be presented in a more compact form. Read in conjunction with appropriate magnifying equipment, the diminutive edition made access easier for readers engaging in activities such as travelling, cooking sausages and hang-gliding.

Measuring just 15 x 20mm (about the size of a postage stamp) "Day of Reckoning" took full advantage of cutting-edge printing techniques to achieve pin point resolution and superior image clarity.

Unfortunately, the experiment was judged an unmitigated failure. Disappointingly few copies were collected from the tiny news-stand erected in the entrance hall and the delivery mouse was mugged by an aggressive vole on his very first run.

Needless to say, the trial has been discontinued and future newsletters will continue to be released in the traditional size.

Finally, this term brings an eleventh hour offering. This release is almost totally eclipsed by Chr***mas and presents its fortunate audience with an excellent excuse for not having read it. "Ah, yes… the Autumn Newsletter…. didn't we use that as kindling for the Yule log?". Releasing a newsletter at the end of a term brings advantages which, on the whole, are centred around the increased volume of news to report.

Sadly, silver linings can come with a cloud and a December issue has its drawbacks. The most notable of these focuses on the depleted energy levels of the writers at this stage of a long, dark Autumn term.

Mercifully, following the fitting conclusion to a recent sporting tournament, members of the editorial team are enthusiastically embracing that most precious commodity: "weekend catch-up sleep". Thank heaven we writers have no children to wake us at dawn: we imagine that could become quite demoralising after a year or two!

TC Tigers

Sessions in the Rainbow Room are running very successfully with interest in the unit as high as at any time since it opened in 1998. For the past couple of years sessions have been booking 12 or so months ahead. The present is no exception, Tigers' sessions being almost fully subscribed until Autumn 2004.

Places are sometimes released unexpectedly as individuals' requirements change (with parents' working hours altering and so forth). If you would find additional sessions useful please let us know so that we can pop you on the ‘waiting list'.

Nursery School

The nursery school traditionally suffers (or enjoys?!) a relatively quiet Autumn period. This follows a recurring annual pattern caused by dozens of our children progressing to primary school for the start of the new academic year.

Although substantially quieter than the Spring and Summer ahead, Autumn 2003 has proved the school's busiest pre-Christmas term on record. This has led to lively sessions in which the children have made excellent progress. Mrs Shadforth is full of praise for her enthusiastic little group (and has high hopes of developing some Oxbridge candidates for their 2018 intake!).


Since our last Newsletter (Summer) we have enjoyed an action packed curriculum. Both Endon's Well Dressing and the nursery school's trip to Finney Gardens gave the group an opportunity to explore the wider world. On the whole, we plan excursions for later in the academic year when the children are older and more receptive. We will be organising additional events for 2004 and will communicate details as these approach.

Two major topics of interest have peppered the curriculum this term: ‘Autumn' and ‘Eid'. In the latter, our very own Mrs Bukhari invested much time and effort introducing Asian culture to the children. This theme extended over a week and included 3 sections: religion, clothing and… erm, what was the other one… oh yes, very appetising food.

Grant Funding

All nursery school children whose third birthday falls before 1st January 2004 will be eligible to receive Early Years Education Grant during the Spring term.

This assistance is worth up to £416 per term (where weekly attendance is 5 sessions or more). The money is available until children reach school age, shortly after their fifth birthday.

During the next couple of weeks we will be writing to forthcoming funding recipients with additional details. Funding is now universally available to children of the nursery school from the term after their third birthday. Patience is a virtue: those who miss out this time will have their chance in due course!


Two years ago we pioneered a new format for our Christmas concert. We presented the show in the round, a less formal approach which benefited all involved. The cast found the performance slightly less daunting and the stage crew enjoyed the reduced amount of furniture to rearrange! We plan to run the same format this year, the concert being performed on the morning of Friday 19th December (the final day of term). This event only involves children of the Nursery School since the Tigers would find a public performance too overwhelming. We are sure they will hog the limelight with enthusiasm next year.

TC Club

TC Club's sessions have been both well subscribed and action packed. The Summer brought a full programme of excursions for the older children. As with previous years, these are suspended during the Winter and will recommence during the 2004 Easter vacation. Details of the forthcoming schedule will be released next year.

The October half term holiday saw another Halloween party organised at Trinity Court. On Friday 31st an array of weird and wonderful creatures arrived on TC Club's car park. They dropped their children with us, drove away and returned shortly before Witching Hour to collect their wards. Many thanks to all who contributed to a very successful event.

Events for Parents

Parents' Evening

Following the Summer Parents' Evening we had planned hosting the next session during December. Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned busy term (and sporting tournament) this has not quite come to fruition. The event will involve parents of TC Tigers and Nursery School children and occur on the evening of Friday 23rd January 2004. We will be taking bookings early in the new term.

Parent & Child Sessions

Now that the Autumn's new starters have settled we intend continuing our fly-on-the-wall "Parent & Child" sessions in the new year. These events offer the chance to observe a session in progress (and discover why Mrs Shadforth has acquired her impressive reputation in the field!). We will post a booking form in the entrance hall in the new year.


Wednesday afternoon Surgery sessions have been an ongoing feature for some time now, offering an opportunity for various child related topics to be discussed with Mrs Shadforth. If you feel a Surgery Session would be useful please speak to Mrs Shadforth directly.

Trinity Court's Staff

During the current academic year four of our six strong childcare team are attending ongoing external training courses. These are proving enjoyable for those involved and, ignoring the time-tabling nightmare that has ensued, have been excellent for developing the skills and experience of establishment's staff.

We are hosting an in-house first aid course on Saturday 10th January 2004, being able to accommodate up to 12 adults during the six hour session. We are likely to have surplus places available and will be pleased to offer these to parents wishing to attend. Trinity Court will subsidise the cost of this training in full (provided attendance is non-commercial). If you would like to join us please speak to Mr Shadforth after 12th December 2003.

Investor in People

In December 2000 we were proud to become one of the first Staffordshire organisations of our kind to be awarded Investor in People (IIP) status. The IIP process proved extremely useful for us: input and advice from Staffordshire TEC's advisors helped to develop many aspects of the then fledgling Trinity Court. At the end of October we were reminded that we were due for reassessment. We were fortunate that our original accreditation costs were subsidised by TEC to a significant extent. Unfortunately that initial level of subsidy is no longer available: the cost of the review was to be substantially higher than our 2000 assessment. After much deliberation we made the difficult decision that the expenditure could not be justified.

Despite the temptation to suspend our staff development programme, withdraw holiday entitlement and re-adopt the practice of systematically beating members of the team, we intend following the practices that have brought great success during the past 3 years!

Don't mention… the Censored Garden

We are delighted to report that, following months of extensive planning, we will ******************** in the garden. This exciting progress is set to ***************** in, what we are sure you will agree, is a truly ground breaking development.

As for the date... well, it's sooner than you may think! The project will start on ******** and, against all expectation, the garden will be opened to the public by local celebrity ********** on ********. We will be ************************ and look forward to you all joining us then.

If you are revelling in your fortune at having missed the last few newsletters we have you cornered. Please refer to the archives for further befuddlement…

Thank yous

Reporting thanks for donations of toys, books, activities, apparatus and so forth is becoming as repetitive as mentioning how busy the Rainbow Room is. Between now and the time of the last newsletter we have been bestowed more bits n' bobs than would be practical to mention.

Many thanks to all who have contributed to Trinity Court's resources. We know who you are and thank you for your generosity!

Summer 2003

The more astute members of our readership will, doubtless, have been appalled on perceiving an unprecedented error.

During 2003, for the first year ever, the rainy days of March were not brightened by the vernal delights of a Trinity Court Newsletter. [Refer to excuses a & c in the footnotes].

Decidedly embarrassed by the fiasco, the publishers have afforded the editorial team the opportunity to compose two newsletters during this, the most frighteningly short, academic term of the year.

These propitiatory publications will be presented as "Newsletter - Summer 2003" and "Newsletter - Summer 2003 II, Day of Reckoning". [Emergency use of excuse d permitted if required].

Note from the editor: as life becomes more hectic, the inspiration needed to launch with a witty introduction becomes increasingly scarce. With two to compose in 11 weeks, newsletter readers possessing a sense of humour should be aware of the significant probability that one (or both) of these introductions will be manifestly unfunny [Excuse d]. Deprecatory comments should be directed to Mrs Tomlinson at the editorial office.

TC Tigers

We seem to report, with monotonous regularity, the fact that the Tigers are a busy bunch. The children are thoroughly enjoying their time with the unit and, keeping with tradition, we are pleased to say that sessions are busier than ever. In fact, many mornings and afternoons are heavily booked (if not full) as far away as July 2004! We owe this success to the dedication of the staff of the unit and also to you, the parents for your continued support. Thank you, as ever, for your recommendations and for the flexibility you have shown in enduring some rather erratic attendance patterns!.

Moorland Nursery School

And so, from the long shadows of March pounced Summer, heralding, as she came, another hectic term for the nursery school.[Well, it might have worked if the weather was a little better!].

The last of the three academic terms is invariably the busiest period of the nursery school's calendar: this one is set to be no exception. Many of the school's sessions are approaching full and, as the term progresses, we expect to be less able to offer additional sessions.

We will, of course, endeavour to accommodate and urge you to make contact as soon as possible if you are aware of additional requirements.


The theme for this term is water (how apt!). This will interweave with the nursery school's Summer curriculum, cropping up on numerous occasions throughout the period. Among the topics are, of course, Endon's Well Dressing (see below) and the mandatory tank of tadpoles currently residing in the classroom!.

Plea! On the subject of tadpoles: these guys seem to have a voracious (and unsustainable) appetite for pond weed! If anyone is able to donate some superfluous stock we may yet dissuade them from chewing through the tank in search of the kitchen!

Note about Grant Funding

Apologies for failing to advise new recipients in advance of this becoming available. The nursery school's computer is programmed to administer the funding automatically, deducting the appropriate amount of Government grant from any bills that are raised. Unfortunately, the computer operator does share the computer's efficiency and is frequently a little late with the letter. [Excuses a, b & c].

In very brief summary, all nursery school children born before 31st December 1999 are eligible to receive the grant this term (regardless of their address, parental income, etc.). If the aforementioned letter has not yet arrived you will receive further details very soon!

TC Club

For the past few years TC Club has been charged with keeping many children and staff out of mischief during the school vacations. Under the careful guidance of Mrs Chadwick, the Easter vacation of 2003 was action packed and greatly enjoyed by all attending. As with previous years, excursions are planned for the Summer half term holiday, long Summer vacation and October break. Details of these will be mailed to the parents of "6 plusses" in the very near future! [Excuses a & c].

Trinity Court's Staff

As many of you are aware, Easter saw us bid farewell to Penny Ball. Joining Trinity Court's staff in July 2001, Mrs Ball quickly became a very valuable member of our childcare team. Having moved to Woore during 2002, she bravely (or foolishly?!) endured the commute to Stockton Brook through two winters before realising that she was spending more time in her car than at home and work combined. At the start of the year she suggested that she was considering an application for re-deployment. Discovering that our Woore branch was scheduled to open after the Suggestion Box, [Excuse c] she abandoned us on Thursday 17th April in favour of a newly established nursery in Nantwich. Needless to say, we wish her all the very best and look forward to her promised visits in the future.

There is an old saying that "every cloud has a silver lining", a maxim that was clearly conceived before God, in a moment of unjustifiable negligence, created the Ginetta G15. However, despite some obvious shortcomings, the adage does often prove a verisimilitude. On this note….

…we are very pleased to introduce two new members of childcare staff to you.

Shortly before Mrs Ball's departure, Mrs Ansreen Bukhari joined Trinity Court's team as a Childcare Assistant. An accomplished mother of two children, Mrs Bukhari has brought her wonderfully resilient humour to the challenge of early-years childcare! She has absorbed a remarkable amount of information during her "settling in period" and has already established herself as a valuable asset to the team.

On Tuesday 6th May Mrs Jane Simpson will join Trinity Court's staff, again in the role of Childcare Assistant. Mrs Simpson will, we are sure, bring a wealth of experience, patience and guile when she arrives! We are sure that you, like us, look forward to welcoming her.

Well Dressing

For the benefit of those who are new to the school, our link with Endon's well dressing deserves a brief explanation.

When Moorland Nursery School was established in 1982, Mrs Shadforth was extremely keen to foster links with the local community. Endon's Well Dressing is steeped in local tradition and was chosen as an entertaining way for the children to link with their heritage. Each year, since 1983, the children of the nursery school have participated in the festival, producing a clay based picture of their own. Following our own, 20 year tradition, Moorland Nursery School's picture is displayed in the garden of one of the villagers living near to the well. We hope that you will pop in and see our work as it progresses and trust that you will be able to visit the festival to see the finished article on display at the end of the month.

Mrs Kettle

Many years ago a handsome, charismatic and intelligent young man stood, short trouser clad, outside his school gates. Lorries, cars, motorbikes and bicycles thundered past the Ginettas as they spluttered along the Leek Road. There was a flash of lime green, a beaming grin and then… IT WAS SAFE TO CROSS! Some 20 (plus) years on, each morning and afternoon, the author (bearing few of his youthful qualities) brings his school bus to a screeching halt at the behest of a smiling woman with a 6ft metal stick!

Many thanks to the legendary Mrs "Lollipop" Kettle for the time she spent with the children of the nursery school. Her road safety presentation remains the highlight of the Business Manager's year and we hope she will be prepared to visit us again in the future.

Mutant Mole. Wanted Dead or Alive. $1000 Reward. (The Sensory Garden)

Convinced that work on the garden could not have begun, Trinity Court's night watchman sat, unblinking, during the early hours of Tuesday 29th April. Armed with only his wit, a flask of sweet tea and a butterfly net he was determined to snare the 300lb mole responsible for devastating the site of the Sensory Garden.

He was visibly disappointed (if not a little embarrassed) to discover that, after a slightly slow start, [excuses a & c] the project was, in fact, underway; the 4ft pile of soil and rubble marked the beginnings of a raised pond and had been carefully deposited by Trinity Court's "Grounds Manager" during the course of the previous day.

So it has finally begun! Many thanks to all those parents, children and staff who have provided seeds, cuttings and inspiration for this long awaited development. We hope to make steady progress with the work during the next few months. Any additional input would, of course, be gratefully received (but please bring your own shovel).

Thank yous

We are, once again, lucky to be able to express appreciation for a number of redundant "resources" that have been pointed in our direction. Many thanks to: Amba's family for the kitchen set, Kai's family for the puzzles and Cathy's family for the slide (waiting, with the rest of us, for better weather). Sincere thanks also to Tammy and Joe's family for entertaining our nursery school children at their pet shop – foolish but kind!

Guy Hilton

Finally, news of an appeal that we would like to support. Last summer Guy Hilton, a former pupil of Moorland Nursery School, Endon Hall Primary and Newcastle under Lyme School, died following an asthma attack. He was aged 12 years.

Following his tragic death, Guy's family established a charitable trust in his memory. They approached us some time ago enquiring whether we might support an appeal to coincide with World Asthma Day on 6th May.

We are planning a fund raising event in support of the appeal and both ourselves and Guy's family would be grateful for any help that you felt able to give. For further details please speak to a member of staff or look for the information in the entrance hall.


  • Excuse a - Return of a maturing, time-hungry, orange blob from "car hospital"
  • Excuse b - Desertion of a member of the nursery nursing team – how dare she?!
  • Excuse c - Poor time management and unmitigated procrastination
  • Excuse d - Patent lack of comedic flair.

Autumn 2002

Well, well... another Autumn term is nearly over with the joys of dark nights, back-to-back toy commercials and Christmas shopping just around the corner!

Despite the rumours of the Summer, you will notice that we have not sold up and retired to Continental Europe on the proceeds! Trinity Court is currently in a very strong position and, armed with our white sticks & Zimmer frames, we intend tackling the next 20 years as enthusiastically as we have the last.

Incidentally, the "sale board" sign at the front of the building is attached to the house of our neighbour which is currently on the market. This has happened three or four times since we took up residence here in 1996 and, on each occasion, we have been inundated with bids for Trinity Court! (Just for the record, we are not dreadful neighbours – the house has been withdrawn on each previous occasion!).

Despite our stated intention to hang in here to see the 40th anniversary celebration, ridiculously high offers for Trinity Court may receive consideration in line with the aforementioned "Continental Europe" plan! "Delightfully restored Victorian chapel within easy reach of the Potteries and Leek… Offers around £20,000,000 in strictest confidence to the Business Manager."

On to the news (of which there is plenty)...

Trinity Court

The frivolity of the introduction aside, our roots are now very well established in our "new" Trinity Court premises and we feel very lucky to have made such a large number of friends in the local community. Indeed, each day, the staff supervising TC Club's school runs return exhausted having waved and chatted to dozens of parents & children from the past, present and future! This number can only grow and, although she hesitates to admit it, Mrs Shadforth rather looks forward to welcoming the children of past pupils into her nursery school. With some of our alumni well in to their 20s this day cannot be far away (sorry Mrs S!).

Session Bookings

Sincere thanks for the numerous recommendations that so many of you have made during the course of the past few months. We feel both lucky and proud to have such supportive parents and children on board.

TC Tigers' morning sessions are fully subscribed between now and the Summer term of 2003 with afternoons trailing only a little way behind! Recently, there has been a tremendous demand for sessions and several parents have been disappointed that we have been unable to accommodate their children; thank you to those newcomers who have accepted being squeezed in to some very flexible session patterns as a result!

It is becoming a little tedious reporting that TC Club's sessions are brimming full! They are, however, so report it we must. We have been able to accommodate one or two extras here and there but have also, very reluctantly, had to turn away a number of potential newcomers. This said, circumstances can change and we do keep a waiting list with that in mind. If you are aware of anyone requiring TC Club sessions we will, needless to say, do all that we can to accommodate.

Several nursery school sessions are approaching full for the Summer term which is an extremely positive sign at this early stage of the academic year. With the increased availability of government funding (and the graduation of some of the Tigers) we anticipate that the nursery school will be running at capacity by the Summer. If you are planning to increase sessions towards the back-end of the academic year please speak to us as soon as possible. If you are aware of friends who may wish to make use of funding money before their children start primary school please advise them to do similarly.

With all this talk of "busyness" we lead, very neatly, on…

New Member of Staff

It is unusual for us to recruit additional members of staff during the Autumn term since this is always, by far, the nursery school's quietest period of the year.

Despite this, we are very pleased to announce a surprise addition to the team. On Monday 7th October Mrs Debra Chadwick will join Trinity Court's staff. After working for some years in the pottery industry Mrs Chadwick entered childcare in 1999. In July 2002 she pursued an ambition to enter the prison service….

Those of you who are paying attention may have noticed that this is the same Mrs Chadwick who left Trinity Court at the end of the Summer term! She really, honestly has not actually been in prison for this period!! She has found the demands of her new job to be rather disruptive on her family life and approached us recently to enquire whether we might be prepared to have her back. This came at a time when we were giving serious consideration to recruiting and the answer, of course, was an emphatic yes. We look forward very much to welcoming again.

It has not escaped the Business Manager's attention that Mrs Chadwick's "leaving stunt" delivered her some considerable material gains. Following the success of her manoeuvre, on Wednesday 16th October he himself will leave Trinity Court's staff to pursue a glamorous career on the stage. He will be performing with Longsdon Amateur Dramatic Society for four nights, taking a "pivotal" role in a racy Joe Orton farce. He will resume full­time employment with Trinity Court on Monday 21st October.

Leaving cards and gifts (no flowers) should be directed to the school office (from where tickets will also be available).


The nursery school children have been fortunate to have welcomed two visitors during the first half of the Autumn Term, both of these following a harvest theme.

Firstly, our thanks to Rev. Tagg of the Endon Methodist Church who kindly donated his day-off to deliver a short Harvest service for the children. Equal thanks to the parents of nursery school children attending on Friday 27th September. The offerings that you produced (at such short notice!) looked super and will, we are sure, have been very well received by the church.

Secondly, many thanks to Andrew M's Grandpa Sharp for speaking to us about his farming career. Both he and Rev. Tagg faced the unenviable task of engaging 15 three year olds for a quarter of an hour. The two of them performed admirably and are assured of a job offer when we next recruit!

On the topic of visitors, if you have a hobby, interest or a career that you would be prepared to share with the children please do let us know. The rewards of such a terrifying experience seldom exceed a photo in the entrance hall or a mention in the newsletter. It would, nevertheless, be fun to hear from you if you can pluck up the courage. [Safety equipment and a panic alarm are supplied free of charge].

Partnership with Parents

Parent Workshop

"Early years education: what's it all about?". Don't feel intimidated – this is not back-to-school for mums and dads! The workshop sessions that we run are relaxed, "well lubricated" get-togethers allowing parents to share ideas and develop an understanding of the early years education system.

We would love to have your company on Wednesday 27th November 2002 if you are able to attend. The meeting will start at 20:00 hrs and probably run for between 1 1/2 and 2 hours.

Parents' Evening

The Summer's Parents' Evening appeared to be a great success with the teacher folk in attendance being flabbergasted that wine was offered to the punters let alone to the staff! The Autumn event will occur on Friday 6th December from 18:15 hrs. Our super­computer has started calculating viable permutations of the running-order and should reach the data-input stage about a week before the night.

Parents' Surgeries

Each Wednesday, between 17:00 and 18:00, Mrs Shadforth is available at a Surgery Session. These are available to parents of Moorland Nursery School, TC Tigers and TC Club, providing an opportunity to discuss topics that are not usually covered in the Parents' Evenings (e.g. advice on primary school selection, speech therapy, etc.)

The timing of the session is intended to allow parents to attend after work. If commitments do prevent you from being able to achieve a 17:00 meeting please discuss this with us and we will do our utmost to accommodate a more convenient time.

Parent and Child Mornings (Age 3 to 4)

This is an opportunity to see us in action at the sharp end! The sessions were very well received when they were introduced last year and will resume from the start of the second half of the Autumn term (in November). They will take place on Wednesday and Thursday mornings – further details will be revealed nearer to the time!

Suggestions Box

The resident handyman's woodwork teacher could never overstate the need to plan a task properly. "More haste, less speed Shadforth. Measure twice, cut once lad." Development is an important phase in the new product's life cycle and should not curtailed unnecessarily. The Suggestion Box really, really is coming soon – honest! As an interim measure you could always pop suggestions in the mail box at the front of the building (that'd be the one where the paint is peeling in a desperate cry for attention!).

Christmas Concert

Sorry to ram the point home again folks but Christmas is not far away! In time honoured tradition the children of the nursery school (3 to 4 years) will be presenting parents with a Christmas Concert at the end of the term. This will take place on Thursday 19th December at 10:30. Once again, more details will be made available closer to the time.

Summer 2002

Phew… the end of yet another academic year approaches fast!

TC Tigers

Sincere thanks to those of you who suggested names for the Early Years Unit. The final decision was made during a meeting held in the unit itself, the "executive board" being perched precariously on a wooden cooker, a small table and an infant chair! Luckily there were some sensible ideas to work with (otherwise who knows what names might have emerged!).

After a long discussion, the suggestions of Mrs Chadwick and Mrs Salih (right) gave us the "TC Tigers" and "Rainbow Room" respectively. Congratulations to both: each received a bottle of Champagne with our compliments.

On the subject of suggestions: the suggestion box has not been overlooked. We are anticipating that, in the very near future, our resident handyman will be applying the skills he acquired in second year woodwork. Incidentally, suggestions that his tardiness should have him relieved of future duties will be gratefully received!!

TC Club

The Summer six week vacation looms! The excursion schedule for the half term holiday and the "long Summer" is currently being prepared and will soon be mailed to parents of those who will be old enough to attend (children must be aged six years or over). Details will also be posted on TC Club's area of the website.

TC Club remains characteristically busy and is still, somehow, squeezing in a few extra bookings! We are looking forward to providing an action packed Summer for the children and hope that yours will be able to join us for at least part of the fun.

Moorland Nursery School

If you find Mrs Shadforth snooping around your back garden in the next week she is probably not abducting gnomes. It is much more likely that she is looking for a flower with just the right shade of yellow to complete a masterpiece.

We have taken a keen interest in the Endon Well Dressing festival since 1983. The event usually takes place over the late May bank holiday weekend. This year's festival is slightly later than usual (1st to 4th June) to take account of the Jubilee holiday. Once again, production of our mini-picture will proceed with all the precision of a military operation!

The theme has been decided, the troops have been briefed and the mission is due to commence! We are planning a reconnaissance sortie on Thursday 30th May and will be visiting both the Well and the Endon picture in the making. If you might be available as a "pair of hands" your company would be much appreciated. Our finished product will be displayed in its traditional spot: across the road from the Well. Our children have received intensive training in resisting interrogation – if you want to discover more about their picture you will need to pop along over the weekend! Hope to see you there.

Three year funding

Many of you will be aware from last term's newsletter update that Stoke has relaxed its restrictions on the movement of early education funding for three year old children. They were one of just 3 authorities bordering Staffordshire to do. Although disappointing for many, this was fantastic news for Moorland Nursery School's Stoke children. Congratulations to those of you who made successful representation. A significant number of children are now benefiting from money that was previously made unavailable.

New Member of Staff

The super observant among you may have noticed that the rather outdated staff gallery in the entrance hall has finally been refreshed! Apologies for the 14 month delay in bringing this up to date! If you are a real hawk-eye you may also have noticed that there is a new face amongst the usual rabble.

On 5th June Mrs Eileen Parton will join Trinity Court's team. Mrs Parton is only the 8th permanent member of childcare staff that the school has recruited in its 20 year history! Needless to say, we have made this selection extremely carefully and are confident that she will prove to be a great asset.

An experienced nursery nurse (NNEB), Mrs Parton joins us from Gingerbread in Stoke-on-Trent. With her addition, our entire childcare staff possess a childcare qualification at or above Level 3 (i.e. NNEB, BTEC in Childcare or NVQ3). The national standards for day-care require that the individual in charge of a nursery is qualified to Level 3 and that 50% of their staff are qualified to Level 2. We feel very proud to be able to offer such considerable expertise to the children in our care.

Anniversary Sensory Garden

As with the suggestions box this project is still live! We are currently trying to extinguish some rather persistent weeds that have plagued the area for the last three years. Added to that, the ground is a bit hard. The wrong sort of rain has been falling recently and, very obviously we wouldn't want to blunt our spades. Okay, the real reason nothing has happened is that we have yet to find the time to get the project under way. We have, however, made the all important first step of drawing a plan… watch this space!

Thank yous

We have been lucky to acquire some super equipment from a number of benefactors during the past month or so. Many thanks to Mr & Mrs Salih, Mr & Mrs Rogers and Mr & Mrs Harford for donating resources. Thank you also to Dr Banerji who, planning a move to Kent, popped in to see if we would like a covered sandpit that was now redundant! Finally, thank you to Mr and Mrs Moss who donated sweet peas for the garden. These will soon be migrating (Triffid style) to the aforementioned sensory garden!

EYDCP Funding

We have made two successful applications to the Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership (EYDCP) for funding. The grants are worth well over £1000 and will:

  • allow us to further enhance TC Club's facilities.
  • facilitate further training and development of our staff.

We would like to acknowledge the support of the EYDCP in processing our applications and look forward to strengthening our provision yet further as the resources arrive!

Partnership with Parents

Parent Workshops

Oil up your abacus - Mathematical Development will take place on Wednesday 26th June at 8pm. All are welcome to attend!

Nursery School Parents' Evening

The Summer term parents' evening will take place on Friday 12th July between 18:15 and 20:45. This event will offer you the chance to see the school and speak with members of staff. We will write to you with more details a little closer to the time.

Parents' Surgeries (All Parents)

These have proved very successful to date and we are continuing the sessions in their current time-slot. Mrs Shadforth will be available each Wednesday, between 17:00 and 18:00 to discuss any issues. To book an appointment please speak to Mrs Tomlinson.

Nursery School Parent and Child Mornings

These were first suggested in the Spring newsletter. The first session will take place on Monday 17th June from 9:30 to 11:30. We will post a sheet in the entrance hall. If you are interested in spending a couple of hours with us please write your name on the list.


Please remember that drinks need not be brought to Trinity Court by those children eating packed lunches. Drinks containers have been the source of numerous sticky floods in the past and, for that reason, are provided for all children attending the lunch time session.

If you have been puzzling over the origins of a rogue spoon at the back of your cutlery draw it might be one of ours. We have had a few disappear mysteriously during the last couple of months which is posing a considerable challenge for the children when sponge pudding and custard appears on the menu! We suspect that these have been inadvertently packed in to lunch boxes and taken home. Our trained operators await your call if you might be able help us track one down!

Spring 2002

We have neither blown away nor sunk in to the quagmires of Endon! We are, thus, able to present the Spring 2002 edition of the termly Newsletter!

Early Years Unit

Bookings are very healthy and the Summer term will see mornings virtually full. Many mums and dads will be well aware of the difficulties involved with securing additional sessions; accommodating everyone is rather reminiscent of completing a Rubic-Cube (without taking the stickers off!).

On the positive side our brains are being kept active in the Office and we hope that we have successfully achieved most things for most people. If you would like to "tease" us with additional sessions please approach us and we will, needless to say, do our utmost to achieve.


Our very own intrepid interior decorator/designer spent much of the February half term holiday at the top of a very wobbly scaffold tower bringing a new look to the room. This project is now almost complete and if you have not yet popped in to have a look please feel free to do so. We are delighted to be able to offer very competitive rates for decorating your living room ceiling with sun, sky and clouds – please direct all enquiries to the Business Manager!

Time for a Name Change?

With the new look we feel that a name change might be in order. When we set up our 2s-3s room in 1998 the term "Early Years" was, to the best of our knowledge, brand new. Since then "Nursery Education" (up to primary school) has become "Early Years Education" and the "Early Years Unit" is now the LEA's department in Stafford responsible for "looking after" all of the under 5s in the county – an unenviable task!!

Rather than impose a new name we feel it would be more fun to open the floor to anyone with suggestions. If you think you could inject some inspiration we would welcome the input. We might even stretch to a prize for a successful suggestion (free ceiling-work perhaps?!).

TC Club

Very, very busy! After School Sessions are now FULL and holiday times are exceptionally well subscribed.

As with last year, excursions for the "6 and ups" will resume with the better weather or during the Easter break - whichever is the sooner! We will release the visit schedule for the coming months in advance so that you can plan ahead. It is likely that places will be in greater demand than during last season and, as you are aware, we have limited transport available. To avoid disappointment please don't build hopes too much that specific trips will be available – just that they might be!


Thanks to those of you who have achieved soft indoor shoes for your children. We are concerned that there are still some stocking-feet around. Please remember that soft, non-marking shoes are "Essential TC Club Kit" and should be available for children during term and holiday sessions. Socks pose a slip hazard and promise very wet feet in the event of the building being evacuated during a fire/fire drill.

Moorland Nursery School

Sessions are filling fast and the children are, as ever, making excellent progress! One very easy way to track their developmental advances is through their artwork….

Art Gallery

Look out for the updated art gallery on the web. This is accessed through Moorland Nursery School's section of the Trinity Court site. As usual the pictures remain available for traditional viewing in the classroom.

Three year funding

Good news and improving news…. this information is important so please read on!

Staffordshire (the Good News)

We have just received notification that ALL of Staffordshire's children are to have access to funding at age three. Children will be eligible two terms after their third birthday. The first beneficiaries of the grant will be children attending during the Summer Term 2002. (i.e. 3 year old children born before 31st December 1998 will be eligible from April 2002).

This is a fantastic improvement on the situation when the scheme was first introduced to Staffordshire and there is no longer a need to check whether you are one of the privileged few on the County's post-code list.

In order that the Central Government spend is maintained next year the County is very keen that uptake of places is high. While we appreciate that an in-depth discussion of the Early Education Funding System could effortlessly silence a thriving dinner party, we feel sure that parents who are unaware of the system would welcome the knowledge.

Stoke (the Improving News)

If you are a Stoke resident you are, theoretically, better off than your Staffordshire counterparts. All of Stoke on Trent's 3 year olds are eligible for grant one term after their third birthday.

You will also doubtless be aware of an ongoing issue that is affecting the Early-Education decisions you make. In this golden age of parental choice & empowerment you have Government money available to spend for the good of your child's Early Development and Care. Unfortunately, due to some unresolved issues, Stoke's Early Years Development & Childcare Partnership (EYDCP) would rather return your child's money to the Government than let it be spent in a Staffordshire Early Education Establishment(!).

We are continuing to make representation on behalf of the increasing number of Stoke parents being affected and hope that the situation will soon improve [memories of May 2001?!]. Stoke's EYDCP is due to review its policy within the next 2-10 weeks and, once again, we have written to them in anticipation of this. This is an ideal time for mums/dads to express an interest in seeing greater equity in the system. We have a letter on file that could easily be adapted to fit your circumstances if you would like to make representation. If you have access to email (and would like to avoid some unnecessary typing) we will forward the letter to you with pleasure.

A Couple of Landmarks

This year marks the 20th anniversary year of the establishment of Moorland Nursery School and we are very proud to have achieved our aim of making Early-Education fun for the children (and staff!) who have been involved with us over the years. We have travelled far from our Bagnall Village Hall roots and 2002 also sees the 5th anniversary of Trinity Court's opening.

We are, needless to say, planning some projects and events to celebrate these landmarks and would be appreciative of any input that you might be able to offer. One of the many proposals we have is to turn the barren wasteland adjoining the car park in to an "Anniversary Sensory Garden" (something we have considered for a while). To know whether you agree, disagree or have any plants/cuttings/inspiration to donate would be enormously helpful.

Partnership with Parents - Involving You!

We have made a conscious effort to involve you in the running of Trinity Court and hope that you do, indeed, feel as important a part of the establishment as your child(ren). We have, however, been giving serious consideration to extending the opportunities you have to become involved.

Suggestions Box

Following his successful efforts in the Early Years room, the resident handyman has been persuaded to practise his carpentry skills. (When constructed) a "Suggestions Box" will be installed in the children's entrance hall. Suggestions might include:

  • things that we are doing well and should keep doing
  • things that we are not doing and could/should be
  • things that we are doing and shouldn't be
  • names for the Early Years Unit
  • comments about the Anniversary Garden proposal, etc.
  • alternative locations for the Suggestions Box

While we can't promise that all suggestions will be brought to fruition, we can promise to give serious consideration to the comments you make.

Parent Workshops

Communication, Language and Literacy will take place on Wednesday 27th March at 8pm. All are welcome to come for a free drink!

Parents' Evening

From the Summer term 2002 we will be introducing Parents' Evenings for parents of children of the School and Early Years Unit. These will occur once a term and will provide the opportunity to discuss progress and development with members of staff. Obviously, at this stage of their school careers the Parent's Evening will not be a highly formal event. It will however give you the opportunity to keep in touch with where your child is excelling. It will also allow you to have a look at some of the activities that he/she has been involved with! We will announce the date of the Summer Parents' evening in due course.

Parents' Surgeries

Each Wednesday, between 17:00 and 18:00, Mrs Shadforth will be available at a Surgery Session. These will be available to parents of Moorland Nursery School, the Early Years Unit and TC Club.

The intention of these meeting slots is to provide an opportunity to discuss topics that will not be covered in the Parents' Evenings. Typical issues might include: advice on primary school selection, speech therapy, challenging behaviour (of children, not spouses!), etc. These are all common discussion points that Mrs Shadforth is always keen to assist with. The idea of introducing Surgery Sessions is to minimise disruption of the school day.

Surgery Sessions will begin after the Easter Break in April 2002. To book an appointment please speak to Mrs Tomlinson. If work commitments prevent you from being able to achieve a 17:00 meeting please discuss this with us and we will try to accommodate an early evening meeting.

Parent and Child Mornings

Have you ever wondered what really goes on after you say goodbye in the entrance hall? The Parent's Workshops that we introduced were intended to give you an insight in to some of the theory underpinning Early Education and your child's development.

During the next few weeks we will be inviting parents to come and see the theory being put to practise. If you might be interested please speak to Mrs Tomlinson/Mrs Shadforth.

Car Parking

We do consider ourselves fortunate in having access to this facility. We know that space is limited and are grateful for your patience at busy times. Please help by parking as closely as possible. If you arrive and the car park is full please stay with your vehicle until a space becomes available. .

Autumn 2001

The leaves are falling, the nights are drawing in and… oh joy, it's almost Christmas. On the bright side, the Autumn edition of Trinity Court's termly newsletter is here!

Financial Assistance from the Government

All parents of our Early Years Unit and Nursery School children have received a letter concerning this topic. Hopefully, as a parent of the school you have a reasonable understanding of what is, without doubt, a rather complicated subject.

At the risk of being repetitive, we would be enormously grateful if you could spread the word about Financial Assistance to those who do not know it exists. As a rule of thumb, parents whose children do not currently attend a Nursery School will be totally in the dark!

Christmas Concert

It gets harder and harder to run these every year!! This is a result of two factors:

  • Many children are now beginning primary school a year prematurely. This means our cohort is younger than it used to be: the children are less able to cope with rehearsals, let alone public performance to a packed gallery!
  • Keeping track of the various sessions that Mary, Joseph, and the Shepherds attend so that rehearsals can be scheduled is a challenge that would have left the Wise Men struggling for a plan!

The nativity has, however, been a feature of Moorland Nursery School since 1982 and we are determined (against adversity!) to continue in traditional vein this year. Both the rehearsals and the final performance will be held during Wednesday morning educational sessions. The Nativity itself will be performed on Wednesday 19th December. Places in the audience are, unfortunately, expected to be very limited. Additional details, including time and booking information, will be released nearer to the date.

Hallowe'en Party

Mrs Chadwick (very ably supported by Mrs Green, Mrs Ball and Miss Barber) organised TC Club's first ever Hallowe'en Party during the October half term. The event proved a huge success with a host of ghoulish and ghastly characters attending.

Sadly very few of TC Club's children turned up for the party… 'though there was an uncanny resemblance between our children and some of the petrifying partygoers that arrived on the day! For more pictures please see the montage in the entrance hall or visit the "Latest News" section of our website.

Trinity Court Christmas Party

Following the success of the Hallowe'en Party, TC Club will be holding a Christmas Party at Trinity Court during the Christmas week. This will occur on the afternoon of Monday 24th December, Christmas eve' – perhaps giving a good excuse for a last minute shopping excursion?! As with the Nativity performance, we will advise of further details.

Art Gallery

Yep, we've done it again. Our aspiring Picassos have, once again had their little noses pressed hard to the easel to bring you an updated Web Art Gallery. The Art Gallery can, as last time, be reached from Moorland Nursery School's home page of the Trinity Court web site.

Keep an eye out for the progress made between now and the Summer Term – the psychologist in you will be amazed how the children's development is mirrored in the artwork they produce!

If ever you feel the urge to visit the gallery in the more traditional manner you will, of course, be more than welcome. Please ask a member of staff.


The demand for cooked lunches has risen considerably during the last 12 months. We have now reached the point where it is no longer possible to cater, at last the minute, for cooked lunches that have not been booked in advance. Please remember that pre-booked lunches cannot be refunded unless notification is received by 08:30 on the day.

If you have a packed lunch booked please be sure that it is sent, clearly labelled, to Trinity Court. We would like to remind you that, because of spills, drinks are provided and should not be brought to Trinity Court.

A gentle reminder: the afternoon session begins at 12:45. To assist with the smooth running of afternoon educational sessions, we would be appreciative if children leaving after lunch could be collected promptly.


All children at Trinity Court change out of their outdoor footwear when they arrive at the premises. The rationale for this is tripartite:

  • The most important issue is undoubtedly one of safety. Hard outdoor shoes pose an injury risk, with the potential for little fingers to be stepped on, etc.
  • Just as at home, mud and muck is traipsed around the building!
  • Trinity Court's linoleum tiled floors are damaged by marking soles of hard shoes.

It is important that children have soft non-marking shoes to change in to when they arrive at Trinity Court. Socks are not appropriate since they present a serious slip hazard – not to mention the risk of very wet & muddy feet in the event of a fire evacuation or drill!

Parents' Workshops

Back by popular request! We will be starting the series again on Wednesday 14th November at 20:00hrs, returning to the information packed theme of Personal, Social & Emotional Development. We will post a booking sheet in the entrance hall before the meeting. As ever, parents, friends and acquaintances will be most welcome to attend what will be a very [personal] social [and emotional] event!

Embroidered Clothing

We have eventually managed to negotiate a re-supply of blue Moorland Nursery School sweatshirts (for children aged 3-5). These are expected to arrive within the next couple of weeks. If you would like to order one please speak to Mrs Tomlinson.

TC Club caps have also been re-ordered. Each TC Club member is entitled to one free baseball cap. If your child has not yet received one please speak to a member of the Office Team. Additional caps can be ordered (at cost price) from the Office.

And finally… our Homes for Pots Appeal

There are still some unclaimed pots from the TC Club Gladstone trip that we ran during the Summer. While we were lucky enough to have everyone throw a pot on the wheel, we were not so lucky as to get the creations initialled on the underside! You will, as a result need to bring young Wedgwood to attend an identity parade (sadly one way glass is not provided!).

Summer 2001

Welcome to the Summer edition of Trinity Court's newsletter.

Early Years Unit

The second half of the Summer term saw the well earned promotion of Miss Barber to the role of Early Years Unit Coordinator. She has been very busy putting her stamp on the unit during the past month or so, achieving remarkable success.

All of our current little ones are making excellent progress and, barring cancellations, the Early Years Unit is now fully booked each morning from September. We are expecting the Autumn term of 2001 to be the most dynamic ever for the unit and would like to offer our sincere thanks for your recommendations and continued gestures of support.

Moorland Nursery School

As the school's Summer term draws to a close we are now looking towards an extremely successful Autumn term (doesn't time fly!?). Bookings are already comfortably exceeding those of Autumn 2000 which should allow for a particularly stimulating year for the children.

All of this expected busyness (and the recent departure of Mrs Gidman) led us to seek a Senior Nursery Nurse to replace Mrs Hassall. As a result we are very pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs Penelope Ball who will be joining our team this week.

Mrs Ball has been a qualified Nursery Nurse for six years and was a room leader at Keele University Day Nursery. She brings with her skills of music, a keen interest in amateur operatics and (for members of staff with rather temperamental classic cars) motorsport.

TC Club

With its new image and extended services TC Club is gaining great popularity. Features such as "TC Trips" for the older children and "TC Trims" with Mrs Slater have caught on very quickly with parents and children alike.

For the last 12 months every vacation has set a new attendance record; the Summer seems set to be no exception to that rule. There has been a great influx of members to TC Club's Before & After School sessions and the six week break is expected to be lively and fun for all involved.

Occasional Session bookings for the Summer holiday will be accepted officially from Monday 9th July. If there are sessions that you specifically require please submit an Occasional Session Form as soon as possible after that date to ensure availability of places.

Web Site

At the turn of the year we became one of the first establishments in the region to offer a comprehensive web based information source to parents and prospective parents.

As far as we are aware we were the very first in the region to produce an online art gallery! This proved a tremendous success which we plan to repeat each term (artistic inspiration allowing!).

We are constantly on the lookout for information to provide via the site. It is, however, intended to be YOUR resource so any suggestions about content that you might find useful would be gratefully received.

Remember this newsletter, along with backdated copies can all be accessed via the site.

Well Dressing

Our 18th Well Dressing picture proved as successful as any to date with Dippy the Diplodocus doing the children proud along side the main Well Dressing collage in Endon. We put together a story board for display in the entrance hall (above the lunch boxes) so if you haven't already spotted it keep an eye out! These pictures will, during the course of the next few days, be published on the web site so that friends and family can share them too.

Parents' Workshops

The first round of the seminars have now been completed and have proved to be a great success. [We feel sure that the good attendance has far more to do with the content of the evenings than with the wine, nibbles and good company!].

We will be starting the series again during the Autumn term, going back to the theme of Personal and Social Development. If you missed the first pass at this topic (or just fancy coming along again) look out for the notice appearing in the entrance hall during the Autumn.

Even leavers will be very welcome to attend these meetings – the foundation stage of the curriculum continues into reception. Perhaps those of you who are still with us in the Autumn could help by spreading the word?

Spring 2001

The Spring term's edition of the newsletter often has us struggling a little for inspiration.

The Autumn term is full of Harvest Festivals, Christmas Concerts and First Term Excitement. The Summer term brings us the Endon Well Dressing Festival, May Day Celebrations, Holidays and, best of all, SUNSHINE!

Spring is normally a time for quiet consolidation. A time where not too much happens… normally.

The start of 2001 has been far from normal for Moorland Nursery School & TC Club!

Investor in People

Investor in People status reflects an organisation's efficiency and positive attitude to continual improvement. IIP provides a clear indication that an organisation is striving for excellence and that members of the team are well equipped to realise those aims.

Just before Christmas Moorland Nursery School became one of the first private nurseries in North Staffordshire to receive recognition as an Investor in People organisation (we were second by just 10 days!). On 9th February David Carr OBE, Chairman of Staffordshire TEC presented the award at a formal celebration evening. About 60 local people attended the event, all of these having been influential in Trinity Court's success over the past four years.

As Moorland Nursery School approaches its 20th year we are very proud to have had our commitment and enthusiasm demonstrated against such a rigorous national standard. We look forward to continuing for another 20 years in similar style!

TC Club

In our last newsletter we were pleased to report that the Summer Holiday of 2000 had been the most successful and action packed Summer vacation ever.

TC Club did it again this February recording the busiest Spring Half Term Holiday since the club opened in 1997. On Thursday we took a group of older members to the cinema at Hanley Museum. The "102 Dalmatians" proved an excellent and entertaining warm-up event to start the new "visits season". As the weather becomes more clement we will hopefully be able to resume visits to outdoor venues as we did during the Summer.

Suggestions of venues for future visits would be gratefully received. Potential locations must be capable of entertaining even the most "lively members" of TC Club (8-10 year old boys!) for about half a day.

All of TC Club's primary school children are eligible to receive one of TC Club's new embroidered caps free of charge! If your child is yet to receive one please ask a member of staff at the next Holiday Club/Out of School Club session.

TC Trims

We hope many of you will have seen our "Cut the aggro out of kids' hairdressing" poster in the entrance hall. In January 2001 we teamed up with Mrs Slater (George's Mum) to provide hairdressing at Trinity Court. Mrs Slater is offering trims for the children of both Moorland Nursery School and TC Club. Hairdressing is currently available on Wednesday afternoons during TC Club's Out of School sessions.

The service has proved especially useful for some of the younger children who find trips to hairdressing salons a little daunting. It has also appealed to parents of older children with busy schedules to keep and little enough time to get their own hair cut! (TC Club is, of course, able to collect children from primary school on a Wednesday afternoon if required).

For further details or to book an appointment with Mrs Slater please speak to Mrs Tomlinson or Mr Shadforth.

Parents' Lectures

In November 2000 Mrs Shadforth presented an informal lecture aimed at explaining "Personal & Social Development" issues relevant to the Foundation Stage (Pre-school & Reception Class age) of the National Curriculum.

The subject matter was sufficiently interesting to form the basis of two articles in the Sentinel! Indeed, the resulting debate on the night was so lively that Mrs Shadforth ran out of time and put on an additional session to complete the subject.

We hope to continue in similar vein when we introduce our next subject on Wednesday 4th April 2001 at 8 p.m. We will be discussing "Communication, Language & Literacy" (in English that's readin' & writin'!). All of Moorland Nursery School's Mums and Dads are invited (and encouraged) to attend. More details will follow in due course.


Trinity Court's brand new website went live earlier this year. As far as we are aware we are one of the first Nursery Schools/Out of School Clubs in the area to offer a substantial amount of on-line information to parents.

We intend our site to develop into an indispensable resource for all parents in the locality. To help this happen we would welcome feedback about the site or suggestions about its possible future content.

At present the site contains our Prospectus, Curriculum, Newsletters (including this one), and a feature on the 115 year history of Trinity Court. We have many plans for additional content in the not too distant future - watch this space!

If you are finding that "double you @ com dot backsplash" causes you to break into a cold sweat don't panic! The World Wide Web is a wonderful resource and well worth getting to grips with. We have written a fairly comprehensive "Guide to the Web" to help introduce newcomers.

Feedback about whether the Getting Started information helps or bewilders would be much appreciated.

Change of Clothes

We are dangerously close to having to raid our Nativity wardrobe and return the victims of "toileting mishaps" to you dressed as "Wise Men" or "Heavenly Angels"!

I am sure, as parents of young children, you are aware that getting to the loo in time is not always guaranteed. It's even more tricky when you have short legs and relatively little experience of knowing when to rush! A change of clothes, especially the "bottom half" (including socks), is a necessity for all but the most unflappable pre-schooler.

We do have a limited quantity of spare clothes here in case disaster strikes the unprepared. Unfortunately, during recent years our supply has become much depleted and we would be grateful if borrowed items of clothing (past or future) could be laundered and returned to us as soon as possible.

Autumn 2000

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Moorland Nursery School's newsletter - and, for the newcomers, welcome to the school.

Ofsted Inspection

When we put our Summer 2000 newsletter together we were just weeks away from "D Day" in the form of our second Ofsted inspection. Thankfully, the Heating & Lighting Gremlins that provided the entertainment during our last inspection seemed to be busy elsewhere this Summer. The day ran extremely smoothly and we all walked away from the experience (relatively) psychologically unscathed!!

We are extremely proud to inform you that the subsequent report was excellent. The inspector found no significant weaknesses in the quality of the service that we provide and, very significantly, considered that our provision is excellent in two of the six areas of learning and very good in the remaining four. This is no mean feat and we would like to extend our thanks to all of our staff, each of whom have made this achievement possible.

We have attached the Main Findings of the Inspection below. If you would like to read the report in full you are welcome to do so in the School Office. If you would like your own copy of the report we will be happy to supply these at cost. Please speak to Mrs Tomlinson. Alternatively (for the more e-adventurous) Moorland Nursery School's Ofsted report (and all others) can be downloaded from Ofsted's Web Site.

Social Services Inspection

The "Inspection Season" was rounded off in October with our annual Social Services Inspection. This, like the Ofsted Inspection before it, ran very smoothly. We have not yet received a copy of the final report but this will be available in the Office as soon as it arrives.

Holiday Club

The Summer holiday was, without doubt, TC Club's most action packed vacation to date. The fine weather allowed us to make excellent use of our outdoor facilities and the programme of events entertained the youngest and oldest children (and staff) alike. The older children enjoyed a number of trips out during the six weeks and even the younger ones had the chance to participate in a visit to Tittesworth reservoir during the final week of the holiday.

If you might need some assistance during the October or Christmas Holiday but won't need a regular pattern of attendance you can book sessions on an Occasional basis. Bookings for Half Term Occasional Holiday Club Sessions are already being taken – and, lest you forget, Christmas is not far around the corner!

Harvest Festival

This year, once again, Captain Frank McGreggor very kindly assisted us with our Harvest Festival. As ever, he provided an entertaining and innovative presentation for the children. This year he worked his magic by turning balloons into apples, oranges and bananas!

Thanks once again to those of you whose children attended on the day and were able to contribute items. As with previous years, Captain Frank took all of the produce up to Bagnall where it augmented their main Harvest Festival contribution.

Christmas Concert & Parties

Moorland Nursery School's Christmas Concert is scheduled to take place on Monday 18th December 2000. As with previous years this event will not involve the children of the Early Years Unit.

Our Christmas Party will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday 20th December 2000. This event has, in the past, proved a little overwhelming for the Early Years Unit children and will only involve those of the school.

More information will follow about both of these events a little nearer to the time.

Parents' Lectures

For some time we have received requests that we extend our teaching to benefit some slightly older members of society. Being a parent is almost certainly the most responsible job you will ever have - and yet there is very little in the way of information that supports you in the role.

The importance of Early Years Education has (finally) been recognised during the last five or so years. Early Years Education is routinely divided into six areas of learning. During the coming year Mrs Shadforth will be presenting short seminars aimed at explaining some of the ways in which you can impact positively on each of these areas.

The meetings will be informal and give all those interested in attending the opportunity to look around the school, meet one another socially and, hopefully, gain a little understanding of the Early Years Education System.

The first meeting will be on Tuesday 28th November at 19:00. We will supply more information in due course.

Packed Lunches

We are struggling at the moment to identify unlabelled lunch boxes at lunch time. We often have a number of similar/identical boxes and differentiating them on the basis of sandwich filling is not always an easy task!

Please also remember that drinks should not be brought to school. They are a source of endless spills and mopping up operations are frequently necessary. Drinks are provided for all Packed Lunch Children as mentioned in our Operational Policy/Induction Pack.

Summer 2000

Summer has arrived. The Trinity Court gardens are looking greener that ever, the trees have received a much needed "hair cut" and the Summer edition of the Newsletter is finally here!

Ofsted Inspection

As a DfEE Registered Provider of Nursery Education we are required to undergo periodic inspections by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted). Our last inspection was in January 1998 and we achieved a very complimentary review. We have now received a date for our second inspection - Tuesday 11th July 2000. We are extremely proud of the progress that our children have made this term and are confident that the inspector, Mrs Gaynor Bentley, will be as impressed by their achievements as we are. Some of you who are around on Tuesday 11th may have chance to meet Mrs Bentley. If you do, we hope you feel able to share our enthusiasm for the establishment!

Those of you who were associated with the school two and a half years ago will probably remember the day of the last Ofsted inspection. It was one of the coldest days of the year and one of our brand new boilers (we have two) failed to function. As if that was not enough, a tiny component inside a lighting unit burned out. The terrible smell emitted from the burnt component combined with the cold weather to make the main class room almost uninhabitable! We directed the heat from the functioning boiler towards the main hall and the inspection was conducted from there.

We have already suffered at the hands of one gremlin this term - many of you arrived to find us battling with an over enthusiastic smoke detector on Tuesday 21st June. Morning registration was conducted outside in the sunshine (for the first time ever) while the Fire System was persuaded that there was no fire. We hope that this is not a sign of things to come - fingers crossed for 11th July please!!

Summer Concert

Our annual Summer concert is organised to take place on the mornings of Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th July 2000. The children of the main school have been preparing their repertoire for some time now and we are very much looking forward to their performance. Because of restricted space, audience numbers will, unfortunately, need to be limited.

There are a few children who do not normally attend school on either the Monday or the Tuesday morning. The Summer term is always our busiest but we will do our utmost to accommodate requests for Occasional Sessions on the Monday or Tuesday morning of the concert. If your child is not normally in school on Monday or Tuesday mornings and you feel they would like to participate please arrange a discussion with Mrs Shadforth as soon as possible.

For more details about this event please see the current "Concert Letter". Children in our Early Years Unit must look forward to excelling in a future performance since this event involves the children of the School only.

Holiday Club

Beware - the end of term is approaching fast! If you are looking forward to the six week holiday with some trepidation remember that TC Club can help! TC Club has proved itself to be a lively and popular venue during both the Easter and Half Term Holidays this year. The Summer vacation is normally TC Club's busiest period and this Summer's Holiday Club promises to be great fun.

If you think you might need some "relief" during the Summer holiday but won't need a regular pattern of attendance you can still book sessions on an Occasional basis. Bookings for Occasional Holiday Club Sessions will be taken from Monday 10th July.

Endon Well Dressing

This year, as ever, the Endon Well Dressing Committee decided to display their collage next to ours! We hope that you were able to visit the Well and admire their work alongside our children's. The Crocodile proved a very popular theme and we received a number of compliments on the picture. This was Moorland Nursery School's 17th Well Dressing Collage. There is an ever increasing chance that the Main Well Dressing Picture will, one day, be created by one of our former pupils (watch out for a crocodile appearing in 20 years time!).

Our thanks once again to all those parents who were able to lend assistance during our visit to the Well. Your input was very much appreciated.


Ten years ago Moorland Nursery School recruited its first qualified Nursery Nurse. Mrs Mary Hassall joined our team in April 1990 and, for six and a half years, worked with us from Bagnall Village Hall. In January 1997 the school relocated to Trinity Court and Mrs Hassall has, without a doubt, played an important role in helping us achieve our current success in Stockton Brook. She has willingly shared her knowledge and experience with junior members of staff and has been much loved by children and staff alike for the duration of our association.

At the end of this term Mrs Hassall will be retiring from her current position as Moorland Nursery School's Senior Nursery Nurse. She plans to continue her association with the school in a reduced capacity and we look forward to benefiting from her input for some time to come. We feel sure that you will join with us in wishing Mrs Hassall a long, healthy and happy (semi-) retirement!

Autumn 1999

This is the first Newsletter of the New School Year and I would like to welcome you all, especially those who have just joined us, to what I hope will be a very successful year. I am glad to report that, despite the usual trauma of the first few weeks of term, the new children have settled in to the routine extremely readily. I think we can be proud of them all!

Social Services Inspection

Our annual Social Services inspection took place on the 28th September 1999. We received a very good report from the inspecting officer and she appreciated the skills demonstrated by all our staff members. She was particularly complimentary about the way that our Early Years Unit has developed its identity under the guidance of Mrs Gidman and Miss Barber.

If you would like to read the report, a copy is available in the school office. Please speak to Mrs Tomlinson to arrange a suitable time to read this.


We think that the uniforms look super! We have been pleased by the high adoption and will need to order additional stock for the beginning of the Spring term. We were fortunate to obtain the initial supply immediately before a price increase by our suppliers. Unfortunately our next consignment will need to reflect this price increase. We do have a limited number of the original stock which will be on sale at the current price until Christmas.


Most parents will be aware that a photographer from Paolo Loraso will be present at Moorland Nursery School on Friday 19th November 1999. He will be photographing family groups, nursery school groups and individuals. The standard of Paolo Loraso's work is very high and their style of presentation is refreshingly different from that of conventional school photographs.

Dorling Kindersley Books

I have arranged that a display of Dorling Kindersley books will coincide with the photographer's visit on the 19th November. This will be set up in the hall so that you may browse while you are waiting for your photo to be taken. If you are searching for inspiration for Christmas presents you may find that they have something to offer!

Mrs Tomlinson will be available if you wish to purchase School Uniforms at the same time.

Mandy's Mission to Kosovo

In 1998 Mandy McColl (Mrs Green's daughter) joined a mercy mission to Bosnia. During the Summer of 1999 Mandy and her husband Paul took part in another mission, this time joining an aid convoy to Kosovo. Some of you will remember that Mandy spoke to us before she left, thanking all of the parents and children of Moorland Nursery School for their support of the venture. By all accounts the experience was difficult but she and Paul returned safely. In recognition of the support she received from the children, parents and staff of Moorland Nursery School, Mandy has presented us with a Certificate of Appreciation which is displayed in the entrance hall.

Nativity Performance

We are very much looking forward to this event especially since it will be the our last Nativity performance of the millennium. We feel it would be appropriate to make it an even more memorable event than usual by contributing to the Children's Promise Charity Appeal. In order to do that we request that all members of the audience make a £2 donation on the day. If the Nativity & Christmas Concert is as well attended this year as in the past we should be able to generate in excess of £100 for the charity.

Swelling audiences over the last few years have created the need for concerts to be held on two separate occasions. The Christmas Concert will be no exception and will take place on the mornings of Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th December 1999. Because of limited space, the audience will unfortunately be limited also.

I know that there are a few children who do not normally attend on either the Monday or the Tuesday morning sessions. I realise that this is a special event and in view of this we will accommodate these children on the morning of one of the performances free of charge, however, some "Occasional" rehearsal sessions to assist smooth running would be very much appreciated.

The Early Years Unit must look forward to excelling in next year's performance since this event involves the School only. We will be in touch with you again as the event draws closer.

TC Club Offer

I hope that you will have seen the poster in the main entrance offering all parents the opportunity to find a couple of hours of shopping time in the week before Christmas! Please remember that we are open for the whole week before Christmas, up to and including Christmas Eve. This is offered to you as a current parent regardless of whether or not you have used TC Club in the past.

Session times available are:

  • 09:15-11:45 or
  • 12:45-15:15 or
  • 15:15-17:45

Although we are able to guarantee a Free Session for every child on role we cannot guarantee the availability of specific sessions. You are welcome to book sessions in addition to your Free Session although these again will be subject to availability. If you have guaranteed sessions already booked your free session must be in addition to these.

In order that we can have appropriate staff in place bookings will not be accepted after 17/12/99.

Summer 1999

Summer is at last upon us, long may this weather last! At this time of the year I am often seen scouting around gardens deep in thought. Endon Well Dressing Festival is approaching and I am looking for inspiration.

Endon Well Dressing Festival

You may be aware that it is a long established tradition of the school to produce a Well Dressing collage which is displayed in a garden in Endon Village near to the Well. The children participate in its production and their effort is viewed by many hundreds of visitors drawn from all parts of the world. This year the subject for our picture is Thomas the Tank Engine inspired by a drawing of one of our four year olds. I have always encouraged the Nursery School children to participate in this local custom, aware that one day they may become well dressers.

I hope you will bring your children to see the dressed well and to see our own picture on display during the course of the Bank Holiday. We are fortunate to have this custom on our doorstep. We must ensure that it survives and flourishes.


Most of you are familiar with the red Kosovo box in the entrance hall and I know that contributions have already been put into it. These will add to the consignment which Mrs Green's daughter, Mandy, will transport by lorry to Albania in September. I know that many of you have been most generous in supporting other aid projects. Mandy's mission to Bosnia last year was well supported by Moorland Nursery School. If you feel that you can extend your generosity to this mission, Mandy and her husband Paul will be most grateful. Items they require include medical supplies, (plasters, bandages, Paracetamols), food, (flour, sugar, rice, pasta) toys.

Please hand any medication direct to a member of staff.

Stanley Head Visit

Mrs Dolan (James Whittaker's Nana) has arranged a visit on our behalf to Stanley Head Outdoor Education Centre on the morning of Tuesday 29th June. Regrettably we can accommodate our current Tuesday morning children only.

The centre makes a charge of £2 per head for visits. If we may call upon help once more from parents to assist with transport we would be most grateful. There is no charge for adults.

We are looking forward to what promises to be an interesting visit. I will give you more detailed information nearer the time.

New Member of Staff

We are very pleased to have Mrs Debra Chadwick join our staff. She brings with her outdoor sporting skills which are already proving an asset in our Out of School Club. Weather permitting, she will be kept busy in our Trinity Court Holiday Club!

Government Funding

Money is available currently for the education of four year olds. We will inform you when your child becomes eligible for this but if you have any queries in the meantime please see Mrs Tomlinson.

The Government is introducing funding for three year olds through a planned and a gradual process, targeting deprived areas first. My understanding is that Staffordshire will implement funding of three year olds later in the year 2000. I will keep my ear to the ground and release information as it becomes forthcoming.

Entrance Hall

I have been aware of how untidy our Entrance Hall has been looking with shoes strewn all over the floor. In order to improve this situation the staff have come up with an idea of pegging shoes and pumps. Each child will be given their own initialled peg and hopefully this will improve the current situation.

It remains for me to wish you all a very pleasant half term holiday and we look forward to meeting again in week commencing Monday 7th June 1999.

Autumn 1998

A new school year has begun and here we are, well into our Autumn Term, with Christmas looming on the horizon!

It has been most satisfying to see how quickly our new children have settled into routine this term. I think we can safely say that we are over the initial teething problems (pardon the pun Early Years Parents!) and the "Hop, skip and jump syndrome" has arrived, indicating that newcomers are feeling happy. Well done Mums and Early Years staff for all your efforts.

I am delighted with the progress of our children in the School. I was extolling the virtues of our three year olds recently when I attended a meeting with colleagues. They were surprised to hear that the vocabulary of our children incorporated words such as "deciduous" and "evergreen". They were further surprised to hear that three year olds were capable of comprehending the concept of multiplication and participated in verbal sums, e.g. two 4's, one 3 and one 2 altogether make 13. It is, however, the enthusiasm of our current group which is so gratifying. Word spotting, alphabet and number spotting ... it is going on all the time. I think you have every right to be extremely proud of the achievements of your children. (Pat on the back Mums and Dads)

Annual Social Services Inspection

This occurred on Wednesday 23rd September 1998 and ran very smoothly. We have recently received the ensuing report and are very pleased with its findings.

L.E.A. Funding

Some parents are unaware that this is available for the education of four year olds in the term after their fourth birthday. If you require details please approach Mrs Tomlinson but we do write to parents of eligible children at the appropriate time. If you have friends with children who will be eligible for future funding and if you feel you would like to recommend us, Mrs Tomlinson will be pleased to arrange visits and provide them with copies of our prospectus.

Leek Civic Society Awards

We were very proud to be proposed for this award and very pleased to have won first prize. A presentation ceremony took place at Endon Methodist Church on Friday 9th October when I was delighted to receive our certificate. We plan to display this in the entrance hall.

Christmas Holiday Club

This will encompass the whole holiday excluding weekends, Christmas Day, Boxing Day (Monday 28th December) and New Year's Day. If we can be of assistance with occasional extra sessions at the nursery in the run up to Christmas we will be pleased to oblige. If you wish to avail yourself of our service for any number of sessions please see Mrs Tomlinson as soon as possible as places are rapidly being taken up.

Christmas Concert

In the past all children have been involved in this event but many more children now attend sessions and this may preclude participation for some. If we feel that your child will be unhappy confronted with an audience we will discuss the matter with you. Equally, if you do not wish your child to participate please inform us as soon as possible.

Alternative/Additional Sessions

We are running our Christmas Concert on two mornings this year. If you child does not normally attend on Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th December but you wish to be included, I will be pleased to alter a session, or you may prefer to arrange an additional session. Children who will be involved in performances on the Monday and/or the Tuesday will also need to be present on the morning of Thursday 10th December for a Dress Rehearsal. Would parents of all children who are not routinely present on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings please make Mrs Tomlinson aware of their preferences by Wednesday 3rd December.

Booking your place

We have limited space to accommodate an audience and therefore can guarantee two places per child. If possible we will allocate places for additional relatives. The attached form allows you to indicate your preferred day and the number of places you would like. If you are unable to attend on the alternative day please mark that box with a cross, but accept that we will be more able to offer places for additional relatives if you could attend on either day. If you are unable to attend, please return the form having marked both boxes with a cross, since others will be grateful for your places.

Return of Forms

In order to organise seating and thereby allocate your places we must have all forms returned by Friday 4th December - Mrs Tomlinson will inform you of your seating arrangements as soon as all the information received has been processed.


Parking space is limited so vehicle sharing and close parking will be appreciated on the Concert days. If you wish to make a hasty departure you need to ensure you are one of the last to park.

Christmas Party

We are all looking forward to this event. Great fun will be had with music, games, party food and presents. The cost will be £6.00 - no distinction between Early Years and Nursery School. Please see Mrs Tomlinson to let her know whether or not your child(ren) will be attending. Accounts will be adjusted in January to accommodate both rebates and charges, whether or not you normally attend on Thursday afternoon.


The session ran very smoothly. Thank you for your co-operation. By now you should have received your photographs.

Please return unwanted photographs and monies due by Wednesday 3rd December.

School Uniform

For several years it has been my wish to introduce a uniform to the Nursery School. The move to Trinity Court was an obvious time to do this but many other jobs took precedence at that juncture.

We are currently negotiating with a firm to produce sweatshirts and polo shirts embroidered with the MNS logo. These should be available in the New Year and obtainable from Mrs Tomlinson.

The sweatshirts will follow the colours of the logo, a choice of royal blue or red. Polo shirts will be white and trousers and skirts will be grey. The colours coincidentally link with those of the Endon schools. You may wish to consider choosing a colour alternative to that of the primary school your child will attend, to provide a change.

The uniform will be optional. Factors for consideration are as follows:

  • Safety. As part of the curriculum children participate in physical activities using balancing beams, play tunnel, slide and climbing apparatus. We do not request that the children wear P.E. clothes for such activities but a simple uniform will assist freedom of movement and support safety measures taken by the staff.
  • Identification. It is helpful for staff to be able to rapidly identify members of a school group when they are away from the premises.
  • Preparation for School. Our local schools have uniforms and it will be expected that your child will be able to dress and undress herself/himself for physical activities. A nursery school uniform will provide an opportunity for practice and will help your child to cope with this task in the primary school.
  • Corporate Image. Moorland Nursery School is one of only two nurseries in Staffordshire (the other is in Tamworth), which is recognised by the County as an educational establishment and as such is on par with primary schools. We should all be proud of this fact and consider the merits of a personal identity.
  • Convenience. A uniform is a convenient mode of dress. Its existence removes any antagonism re choice of what to wear. It is simple clothing and always smart.

A New Service

A member of staff delivers children to our local schools each morning and returns to Nursery School. By request, we are currently transporting a child from Endon Hall School to Nursery School on our return journey. We are running this service over a trial period. The cost is our standard relocation fee of 60p per journey. I regret that this journey runs only from Endon Hall School. Children from St. Luke's would need to congregate in the Plough Car Park to facilitate collection.

If you wish to avail yourself of this service please see Mrs Tomlinson.

Finally, many thanks for your help with the words for Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. There is already an improvement. We are getting there! If anyone else requires the words, please see Mrs Tomlinson.

Summer 1998

This is the last newsletter of the academic year, and for some a final newsletter. May I thank you for your help and support throughout the first full year in our new premises. A maiden voyage is never without its problems but I feel we have weathered this one relatively unscathed!

Early Years Unit

We have all been delighted with the success of our Early Years Unit. Several children have already transferred into the School from the Unit without trauma having benefited from the preparation. Others are currently preparing to do so in September. I am sure they too will move effortlessly into the school. Well done Early Years Children - and we all think your "Works of Art" in the room look super!

TC Club

Our Wrap-Around and Holiday Clubs have established well this year too. We are pleased that we now have a formal arrangement with the High School for use of their field. This is a great bonus allowing children of all ages to run off excess energy and enjoy the open space under supervision. Numbers for both Wrap-Around and Holiday Club are increasing as we establish our reputation in these areas. We are currently processing several applications and are delighted to learn that these have been initiated by recommendation.


Not only have numbers of pupils increased but our staff have increased too. Miss Diane Jones has joined us as a second Child Care Supervisor. An experienced dancing teacher, she brings expertise in movement and dance. Miss Jones has considerable experience in teaching dance to children in primary schools and in addition runs her own dancing school.


You may have noticed a poster in the entrance hall regarding a mercy mission to Bosnia.

In September Mrs Green's daughter, Mandy, aims to join an organised convoy driving a lorry load of provisions to Bosnia. I would like the Nursery School to support this venture, especially as our children have been considering children in other countries during this year.

A simple way to involve our young children would be to "Sing a Song for Bosnia". In return for your child's song, a donation of one of the following may be appropriate:

  • a packet of plasters
  • a wrapped bandage
  • a bag of flour
  • a bag of sugar
  • a bottle of cooking oil.

Your child could place this in the donation box in the entrance hall and feel part of the contribution. May I thank all Mums involved in advance. For parents who have already made a contribution, I know Mandy is most grateful for your support.

Sainsbury's School Rewards

The scheme was well advanced and approaching completion when we decided to enter. Only a few parents were able to join us in our effort to accrue points which convert to free equipment for our school. May I thank those parents who contributed for their effort. We have decided to convert some of our points into a gift of building blocks for the Early Years Unit. The remainder of our points will be carried forward to add to our effort next year. The exercise has been worthwhile and one to which we will certainly subscribe in future.


As you will see from the enclosed calendar leaflet, we are running our Summer Concert on two days, Monday 20th July and Tuesday 21st July 1998.

We have limited space to accommodate and audience. We can guarantee two places per child and if possible we will allocate places for additional relatives. The attached form allows you to indicate your preferred day and the number of places you would like. If you are unable to attend on the alternative day please mark that box with a cross, but accept that we will be more able to offer places for additional relatives if you could attend on either day. If you are unable to attend, please return the form having marked both boxes with a cross, since others will be grateful for your place.

These forms should be returned to Mrs Tomlinson during the week beginning July 6th (she is on holiday until then) and we will inform you of the places you have been assigned early in the following week. Parking space is limited so vehicle sharing and close parking will be appreciated on the concert days.


If you need to communicate with the School during Mrs Tomlinson's holiday you will probably be greeted by the answerphone. We will be checking messages frequently so please do leave a message or a request for a return call (with the number to ring!).

Spring 1998

We were pleased to have the car park surfaced recently and hopefully we can now say farewell to "Mrs. Shadforth's puddles". I would be most grateful if users of the car park ensured maximum parking by aligning vehicles close together and in regular format. We have parking facilities to accommodate fourteen cars and at peak parking times we need as much space as possible.

Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated.


I am pleased to report that our Ofsted inspection ran smoothly despite the traumas on the day of a limping heating system and an over-heated suppresser unit in a strip-light in the Schoolroom. The latter gave rise to a pungent smell such that, notwithstanding the prompt and valiant efforts of our electrician, we were unable to use the room and were confined to the Hall for the morning. Our inspector was most sympathetic to our plight and subsequently arranged an action re-play for the following morning. On this occasion the "elements" behaved and the day ran according to plan. We anticipate that the formal report from Ofsted will be sent to us in four week's time and we will acquaint you with its conclusions at that stage.

Assistance Please?

During the next few weeks the School is considering aspects of "Our Nursery School" encompassing the people involved, the building (to include its history and former use, its role in worship and its renovation), the local environment and local features of interest. In addressing worship I will introduce links with other cultures. If parents or family members can contribute to any aspects of the theme I would welcome your efforts. For instance photographs, artefacts, information, talks and assistance with organised visits will be very much appreciated.

Visit to the Post Office

We have arranged for the 3-5 year olds to visit the local post office as part of their project.

Visits will occur on Thursdays 5th and 12th of February at 10.30 am. On these occasions a group of children will be escorted by two members of staff with some parents assisting. Volunteers to accompany and assist future group visits will be gratefully received and if you can offer your services please inform Mrs. Tomlinson so that we know whom we may call upon.

Who's Who

The photographic display of the children as babies (Early Years and School) is proceeding. Could parents of our most recent children, along with those veterans who have not yet managed to locate such, please try to provide a photograph of their child as a baby as soon as possible.

Autumn 1997

When I wrote our last newsletter eight weeks ago the children were just settling in. It is pleasing to see all the children happy and benefiting from the family atmosphere generated, as well as learning.


Our Annual Inspection, required under the Children Act, occurred on Tuesday 7th October. Despite this being only four weeks after full opening, we achieved a good report. Our Educational Inspection under OFSTED is due towards the end of January, since we have children who will be in receipt of Local Education Authority (LEA) funding then. Some parents believed that as the Voucher System had been dismantled Nursery Funding was no longer available. In fact it continues along similar lines to Vouchers but is now administered by the LEA. If you require details please approach Mrs. Tomlinson, but we do write to parents of eligible children at the appropriate time.


The number of children is increasing within both sections of the Nursery, thus we welcomed Mrs Yvonne Gidman onto the Staff after Half Term.

We have always appreciated recommendation which gives rise to future pupils and I am grateful to those of you responsible for this continuing. Any further recommendations should include advice to register early since we already have some sessions fully booked for this summer term. Do not be concerned for your own children, all their present sessions are guaranteed for their time with us. If you are considering additional sessions please speak to Mrs Tomlinson regarding availability.

Christmas Holiday Club

Our first Holiday Club in October went well and was enjoyed by both children and staff. The Christmas Holiday Club will encompass the whole holiday excluding weekends, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. For parents who have requested Christmas Holiday Club sessions a confirmation slip is enclosed and I will be grateful if this can be returned promptly.

If you have not yet booked sessions at the Holiday Club during the Christmas Vacation these can be accommodated. In this event, please check with Mrs. Tomlinson as soon as possible.

If we can be of assistance with occasional extra sessions at the Nursery in the run up to Christmas we will be pleased to oblige, again please confirm with Mrs. Tomlinson soon.

Christmas Concert

In the past all children have been involved in this event but many more children now attend sessions and this may preclude participation for some. If your child does not normally attend on a Monday morning but you wish to be included, I will be pleased to alter a session, or you may prefer to arrange an additional session. Children who will be involved on the Monday also need to be present on the morning of Thursday 11th December for the Dress Rehearsal. Would parents of all children who are not routinely present on both Monday and Thursday mornings please make Mrs Tomlinson aware of their preferences by Friday 28th November.

We can accommodate seating for two family members per child with possible standing room for two more. The Concert will be held in the Main Hall and will last for about 30 minutes. Please enter by the Front Porch (double oak) doors which will be open from 10:00am. The Nativity concert is always a highlight of the School year. Mums - don't forget to bring a hankie!

Christmas Party

We are delighted to announce that, despite a very demanding schedule, Santa will be attending our Christmas Party! There will be music, games, party food and presents from Santa. It should be a very enjoyable occasion. It is a "Come As You Are" party - no party clothes please.

When? - the last afternoon of term, Friday 19th December 1997, from 1:00pm to 3:15pm.

All are welcome but you must be under five and on the role at Moorland Nursery School - sorry Dad! The cost will be £6.00 - no distinction between Early Years and Nursery School.

Please see Mrs. Tomlinson if you wish to come. Accounts will be adjusted in January to accommodate both rebates and charges whether or not you normally attend on Friday afternoons.

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