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Contact us

Our address is:

Trinity Court
Leek Road
Stockton Brook
Stoke on Trent

Our telephone number is:

01782 504258

Alternatively, drop us a line here:

nurs ail) ery@t -m rinitycourt.c (e o.uk

Our apologies - to reduce unwanted mail, the address above is only readable with CSS2 (style sheets) enabled and functioning correctly. The address you see is almost certainly gibberish and will not reach us - please don't try to use it!]

Mailto: (automatic email link)

Sorry, this is a pain. To reduce automated (and unwanted) mail, there isn't a "click here" option to send us an email. You could follow this link and replace the "secret symbols" with the appropriate letters. Be careful with your typing since we don't have a "catch-all" email box set up.

Our best people spent 2 weeks devising the code. If you haven't time to crack it:

  • # = s
  • > = @
  • $ = y






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